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Scarab Genomics adds Protein D vaccine carrier to its catalog

The success of conjugate vaccine technology, in which a highly immunogenic protein is linked to a poorly immunogenic antigen such as a small carbohydrate, is leading to the increased deployment of conjugate vaccines. However, once a patient is vaccinated with a conjugate vaccine, subsequent vaccination with other vaccines that use the same protein conjugate may […]

Is your nucleic acid vaccine free of IS elements?

Nucleic acid vaccines are coming into their own following recent success with rapid development of effective vaccines against Covid-19. However, most E. coli strains used for nucleic acid production contain multiple IS elements that can transpose into the desired production sequence, compromising the product, or into the regulatory elements, compromising production. Use of Scarab Genomics’ […]

Scarab Genomics develops antibody production process in record time for established CMO

A CMO client was having difficulty producing single-chain antibodies using their standard E. coli fermentation processes.  Scarab was asked to assist, and within six weeks of receiving the cloned gene for the antibodies, Scarab delivered samples of both antibodies to the client using the company’s Clean Genome® E. coli technology.  This demonstrates not only Scarab’s […]